Frequently Asked Questions

What is a valid TikTok video URL?
Our converter accepts the default video URL ( and the short video URL (v*
What is a valid format?
You can choose between MP4 (with or without watermark), GIF (with or without watermark) or MP3. If you do not select any of these formats, the video will be converted by default to MP4.

Please note:
The GIF format is only supported for videos with a maximum length of 30 seconds.
I am receiving an error.
The video is private. It is only possible to convert and download TikTok videos that are public (do not require to log in).

This video is no longer available on TikTok and may have been deleted by the user.
The site seems not to be displayed correctly / is not working.
It might be that some old css/js files are still cached. In that case delete your browser cache and reload the site.
Do you have an app?
No, we do not have any apps. Our website is mobile optimized. If you would like to add our site to your Home screen, just open your browser on your Android or Apple device and click the Add to Home screen button.