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TikTok Downloader

Our Web-App allows you to convert any TikTok video to a MP4, GIF or MP3 file and download the converted file for free. The watermark will be automatically removed from the video file. This service is working on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

To start a conversion just copy the video URL ( or v* and paste it into our converter. After that choose a format. If you don't choose a format the file will be converted by default to a MP4 file. The conversion can take a while. As soon as the conversion is finished you will be able to download the file by clicking the download button. If you are using a desktop device you can install our Chrome, Firefox or Opera Add-On that will help you to convert files even quicker.

If the conversion fails, please check our Frequently Asked Questions page for the error codes.

With the usage of our service you are accepting our terms of use.

Have fun with your TikTok videos!

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