TikTok Downloader

Our Web-App TTDownloader offers you multiple Tools for the popular video platform TikTok.com.

Our Downloader allows you to convert any TikTok video to a MP4, GIF or MP3 file and download the converted file for free. Additionally you have the option to choose if you would like to download the video with or without Watermark (only available for formats MP4 and GIF). Our service is working on desktop, mobile and tablet devices without installing any app or software.

To start a conversion just copy the video URL and paste it into our converter. After that choose a format. If you don't choose a format the video will be converted by default to a MP4 file. The conversion can take a while. As soon as the conversion is finished you will be able to download the converted file by clicking on the Download button.

By using our service you are accepting our Terms of use.

Our Cutter allows you to cut videos that you have converted to MP4 files. Just upload the video, enter a start and end time and click the cut button! As soon as the video is cut you can download it.

Our Shortener allows you to shorten long Video URLs to short ones without installing the TikTok App. Just enter the Video URL and click Shorten! Within a moment you will get the short Video URL.